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Steps to Follow When Drinking from a Shot Ski.

The use of shot skis when drinking takes the fun to the next level. You are more likely to find shot skis in parties and hanging on club walls if an area have the tradition of skiing during the cold season. When making a short ski, one only need to drill holes on an old ski where the shot glasses are placed to enable a number of people drink form it at the same time. Social drinking is very popular during winters and using a shot ski is a good idea for friends who want to add more fun to drinking. The innovation in shot skis keeps getting better with the introduction of new ideas such as Hammerhead shots which has holders that lights up.

Before getting into a shot ski game, it is important to first identify the type of drink being poured. We all have different tastes and preferences to drinks and it is wise to ensure that the bartender pours your favorite drink to your shot glass. The fact that all your friends are okay with the drink does not mean that it is good for you too. It is very common for some people to wake up with a terrible hung-over the following say after a night of drinking fun if they don’t choose the drinks wisely. No one will judge you for your drinking choices as the only rule when drinking from a shot ski is that you have to drink to the last drop.

The use of a shot ski also requires you to consider height differences It can be challenging to use the shot ski if there is a huge gap in height between you and your friends. You may ignore your height but you will later find that the tall person keeps squatting to avoid pouring the drink on the short people’s faces. It could be wiser if people are chosen according to their weight when sharing a shot ski.

Timing is also very important. People sharing a shot ski must all drink at the same time to avoid messing each other’s clothes and faces with the drink. Make sure that all the participants are ready before you start drinking from the shot glass. Having someone to countdown for you is the best way to ensure that no one is left behind.

Drinking as quickly as you can is one way of showing others that you are not a newbie in the game. There will be more fun if the game is competitive since no one wants to be a loser. You only have to open your mouth and let everything in when the bartender says go since a short glass is just one gulp. You should swallow the drink properly to avoid shocking and the shame that comes with it when everyone will be making fun of you.

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